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Pinnacle Chiropractic Systems is dominated by imaginative doctors who maintain a consistent and positive vision of the future. Our goal is to provide practices like yours instant application to your environment and beyond.


We Take Care of Our Own

As the world’s only member-owned chiropractic coaching and consulting company, Pinnacle members have direct access to–and personal guidance from–the most successful offices in our field. 


We Focus on You AND Your Office

We train world-class Chiropractic Assistants. Here, we understand that having engaged, motivated and well-trained staff is essential to providing outstanding service to your patients. We offer CA-focused content and seminars to develop your staff.


Pinnacle shows you how to run a more efficient practice, so you can take home more of what you make. Pinnacle offices carry 15-25% in overhead--the national average is 60%.

Pinnacle doctors are among the most successful in the world. 


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Chiropractic Assistants

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Meet our Chiropractic Assistant


Tara Jones has been the Office Administrator for Pinnacle Chiropractic System since its inception. She was first introduced to Chiropractic by a family friend and that was how she was also introduced to Pinnacle. 


Tara was born and raised in Sand Springs, OK. In high school, she cheered and played soccer. Tara is happily married and has two amazing kids, Palmer and Hudson. In her Free Time, Tara likes to spend as much time as she can with her family and playing with her kids.

Tara is a wonderful person who loves helping as many Doctors and C.A.’s as possible grow their practice through Pinnacle Chiropractic System.  She is available to help in any way she can. Please contact her with any of your questions or concerns!

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