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About Pinnacle Chiropractic System

As the world’s only member-owned chiropractic coaching and consulting company, Pinnacle members have direct access to–and personal guidance from–the most successful offices in Chiropractic today. We face the same challenges you do, and we "walk our talk" every day in our own practices.


Pinnacle Doctors teach you the best practices of the Pinnacle Chiropractic System. Results that have been proven by thousands of doctors over decades of practice. We teach you how to keep more of what you earn by showing you how to carry 15% to 25% in overhead when the national average is 60%.

Pinnacle is more than seminars, we are an information base and support system. Along with national seminars, we offer unlimited counseling from the best minds in Chiropractic, all the tools and materials to get started and much more.

We Want To Get To Know You

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At Pinnacle, we honor Handshake Contracts, Always.

Get to know the Pinnacle Chiropractic System

Get to know the Pinnacle Chiropractic System

The Pinnacle System


The Blue Books


Chiropractic Assistants

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